ISUZU D-Max Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8981192791 88L 8979450681

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name Kaili manufactured timing parts for ISUZU
Certification ISO/TS 16949: 2016
Model Number TK-IZ007
Minimum Order Quantity 10 sets
Price USD/EUR 10-45 per set
Packaging Details Neutral Packing, Brown Box, White Box, Customized Box, Carton, Pallet
Delivery Time 7-60 work days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability 250000 sets per month/ Tensioner 450000 pcs per month/ Guide 1200000 pcs per month/ Gears 350000 pcs per month
Product Details
Warranty 2 Years/ 80000 Kms Quality TOP Quality, 100% Professional Test
Material Plastic PA66/PA46, Steel, Aluminum , Iron, Powder Metallurgy Single Part Available To Buy Only Single Part From The Kit
Packing Neutral Packing Or Customized Packaging Certificate Of Quality ISO/TS 16949:2016
Car Maker ISUZU Car Model ISUZU D-Max D-Max TFR/TFS
Engine Code 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8DH 2.5 DiTD 4x4 8DH 3.0 DiTD 8DH 3.0 DiTD 4x4 TFR/TFS 2.5 Ddi TFR/TFS 2.5 Ddi 4WD OE NO. 8981192791 88L 8973123311 8973123301 8979450681 8979450700 8979450690
Chain Links TCK267NG ,BGA TC3100FK
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Timing Chain Kit 8981192791 88L


Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD


8979450681 isuzu d max timing chain

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Product Description

Timing chain kit for ISUZU D-Max 8981192791 88L 8979450681
Vehicle Application——

D-Max 8DH 2.5 DiTD 2006.10-2016.12
D-Max 8DH 2.5 DiTD 4x4 2007.01-2016.12
D-Max 8DH 3.0 DiTD 2007.01-2016.12
D-Max 8DH 3.0 DiTD 4x4 2007.01-2016.12
D-Max TFR/TFS 2.5 Ddi 2012.06-2016.12
D-Max TFR/TFS 2.5 Ddi 4WD 2012.06-2016.12
SKF : VKML 99000, VKML99000
8973123250, 8973123290, 8973123291, 8979450670, 8979450681, 8981192790, 8981192791, 8-97312-325-0, 8-97312-329-0, 8-97312-329-1, 8-97945-067-0, 8-97945-068-1, 8-98119-279-0, 8-98119-279-1

Price and Shipping Terms——
ISUZU D-Max Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8981192791 88L 8979450681 0
Common Nuetral Packing (Can be Customized)——
ISUZU D-Max Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8981192791 88L 8979450681 1
Factory Profile——
Founded in the year of 2003, KAILI Auto Parts is a reliable manufacturer and exporter of timing chain kits. We have been serving customers all around the world with top quality parts for Japanese, European, American vehicles applications. Kaili Now is the leading factory in China who can supply the most complete range of all different kinds of chian kits.
After 20 years of development, Kaili has 600 employees and has an annual production capacity of 3 million sets of timing chain kits and 600000 vvts, including more than 1200 chain kits and more than 200 VVT models in the after-sales market.
What We Have And What We Can Help With:
Based on 20 years experience and knowledge of the timing chain kits in aftermarket, we can provide:
1. Timng chain whole kit, Timing chain,Tensioner, Guide rail, Sprocket, Cam phaser(VVT)
2. Products that combine super quality with competitive price.
3. 2 years/ 80000 kms warranty.
4. Fast delivery time as short as 10 days.
5. Most complete product range, more than 1300 kits. One-stop shop for all timing chian kits.
6. TS16949 certificate on management to gurantee the stability of products.

ISUZU D-Max Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8981192791 88L 8979450681 2
ISUZU D-Max Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8981192791 88L 8979450681 3
ISUZU D-Max Timing Chain Kit 8DH 2.5 DiTD 8981192791 88L 8979450681 4
Our Advantages ——
The repair kit includes timing chain, camshaft phaser (VVT), camshaft sprocket, crankshaft sprocket, timing guide rail, tensioner and other timing parts. It is basically divided into complete repair package, large assembly repair package and small assembly repair package. The complete repair package includes camshaft phaser, the large assembly repair package includes oil pump timing and all sprockets, and the small assembly repair package is a suit without gears. Repair kit Kaili provides about 1300 different timing repair kits that can cover all vehicle lines. It can carry out different combination configurations according to customer needs, and provide the sales of individual parts to provide customers with one-stop procurement service. It is an excellent partner in the after-sales market.
● Strong after-sales ability to ensure worry free after-sales
● All parts in the timing repair kit are accurately designed and matched, with wear resistance and no abnormal sound
● OE parts of the original factory are developed 1:1 to meet the design requirements of the main engine
● Strong design and R & D team
● Advanced manufacturing and testing equipment
● 100% performance test of key parts

Q:What does KAILI do?
Established in 2003, KAILI mainly produces timing chain kits and VVTs. The factory covers an area of 60000 square meters and currently has more than 450 employees, including more than 30 R & D and design teams and more than 50 quality control teams. We have More than 1500 types of timing chain kits and more than 200 types of VVT
Q: Which car series does the company mainly produce
● In the timing chain kit market, Kaili covers the whole vehicle range and can provide customers with one-stop procurement services
Q:Does the company have products of different quality
●We only produce products of one quality, that is, High quality. All raw materials, processes and inspection requirements meet the highest needs of customers
Q:Does the company and products have industry certification?
● The company has passed ISO/TS 16949 quality management system certification, 14000 environmental system certification and 45001 occupational health and safety management system certification
● Our products have passed the REACH certification exported to Europe
Q: How to handle customer complaints
● Perfect and clear after-sales process, quickly analyze customer complaints, and be responsible for customer complaints due to quality problems, becoming the most solid and reliable backing for customers