• China YUHUAN KAILI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD company profile
  • China YUHUAN KAILI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD company profile
  • China YUHUAN KAILI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD company profile
  • China YUHUAN KAILI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD company profile
  • China YUHUAN KAILI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD company profile
  • China YUHUAN KAILI AUTO PARTS CO., LTD company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Seller
No. of Employees 550~580
Annual Sales 500million-600million
Year Established 2003
Export p.c 60% - 70%


Yuhuan Kaili Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is located in Yuhuan, the capital of auto and motorcycle parts in China. It is a factory specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of timing chain kits and timing parts. The company's production base covers an area of more than 40 mu. At present, it has 570 employees, including more than 30 senior engineers and technicians. It is Yulong enterprise in Yuhuan city.


The products manufactured include timing chain repair kit, camshaft phaser (VVT), OCV valve, sprocket, timing guide and chain tensioner. After 20 years of development, the company has the ability to produce 1.2 million sets of timing repair kits and 450000 vvts per year, including more than 1500 chain repair kits and more than 200 VVT models in the after-sales market. The company passed the ISO / TS: 16949 quality management system certification in 2008. It pursues stable quality, reliable performance, excellence in management and customer first.


At present, the company has more than 60 high-precision automatic machining centers, more than 80 advanced compound CNC lathes, 30 full-automatic injection molding machines, and is equipped with high-precision grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines and other equipment. At the same time, two VVT automatic installation detection lines and one tensioner automatic installation detection line are introduced. It has complete incoming material and process control capability, equipped with spectrometer, CMM, 3D projector, metallographic testing equipment and other testing equipment, as well as tensioner, VVT performance testing and durability testing equipment, as well as engine bench testing capability, three vibration comprehensive testing capability, all environment testing capability, etc.


Thanks to excellent product quality and unremitting efforts, we have won the trust of customers in more than 70 countries and regions around the world and become its most reliable trading partner. Now, in the face of the increasingly complex global trading environment and the superposition of COVID-19, Kaili will focus on training a professional, dedicated, attitude and temperature sales and service team to pursue the core values of "value, innovation, growth and win-win", and take the "leader of the world chain drive system" as the vision of the enterprise. Create greater value for partners.

Timing chain kit
Ремонтный комплект цепи ГРМ
Kit de cadena de distribución
Kit de chaîne de distribution
Kit distribuzione a catena
Zestaw łańcucha rozrządu
타이밍 체인 키트



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In 2003, the company was founded, Kaili two words meaning Kaifeng from the south, one above. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, only a single variety of tensioners were produced, with only more than 10 types.


In 2008, the company expanded its production capacity and began to form a timing repair kit business. It launched a complete timing chain repair kit to the North American market and obtained good market feedback. Its export share began to increase


In 2009, with the launch of the package, the company's overall business model changed significantly, and began to gradually turn to a complete time plan package. It obtained market information through a variety of channels and increased investment in new products. In 2009, it moved the factory for the first time, and the sales value of that year suddenly exceeded 10 million yuan.


In 2012, we began to prepare for the construction of VVT (camshaft phaser) project, and the sales value exceeded 50 million yuan in the same year.


In 2013, the VVT production workshop was officially launched, and began to expand the camshaft phaser market with huge market prospects, and successfully developed the first Ford VVT applied to the U.S. market.


In 2014, the company cooperated with domestic chain supporting plants to provide secondary supporting for domestic main engine plants. The company has entered the fast lane of development, and the number of package models is increasing. By the end of 2014, it has reached more than 500 models, which are working with major brands in Europe and America.


In 2016, the company established a new marketing team and began to expand its market share except for the United States and Europe. The company's sales value reached 100 million yuan, and began to increase the R & D investment of VVT, with 100 product models. In the same year, the company ushered in the second relocation, and the factory area expanded to about 20000 square meters.


In 2018, the company's sales output value exceeded 200 million yuan. It purchased 40 mu of land in Yuhuan for the construction of new plant, with an estimated investment of 150 million yuan and a new plant area of 60000 square meters.


In 2019, in response to the call of national joint-stock system reform, we will carry out the transformation of the nature of the company, comprehensively introduce lean production, initially establish a professional management team, and carry out all staff training. At the same time, it began to lay out the domestic market, and launched models and catalogues in the domestic market. The construction progress of the new plant is accelerating.


In 2020, as the long-term impact of the covid-19 epidemic on the economy continues to deepen, the company will go against the trend, adding another 50 million yuan to the original investment scale of the new plant, and adding VVT, automatic installation line of tensioners and high-precision detection equipment.New factory relocation was completed in the same year, and sales increased by 10% in that year.




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Our Team

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Why Kaili?


1. Focus on the after-sales market, complete product models, full coverage of chain system vehicles, and provide customers with one-stop procurement services.

2. Reliable market information and technical support, worry free after-sales

Mature global marketing experience can help customers accurately locate the market.

3. Strong design and R & D team, with perfect experimental ability and design verification ability.

4. Advanced manufacturing and testing equipment ensure the delivery of high-quality products to customers.

5. All parts in the timing chain kit are accurately designed and matched, with wear resistance and no abnormal sound.

6. Plastics are made of imported PA66 and PA46 materials, which are consistent with OE materials.

7. 100% performance test of key parts and 100% air tightness test of tensioner core half assembly.

8. 100% performance and dimension test of VVT finished products

9. Different combinations and configurations according to customer requirements, convenient and flexible.


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